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  • City

    Akita prefecture Odate · Hinai district and all other areas

  • Season

    Autume/New rice and Season of mushrooms such as Maitake

  • Ingredients

    Hinai local chicken,Water dropwort,Maitake Mushroom,Kiritanpo rice,Burdock,Taro

  • Introduction

    The Ōdate-Hinai area is far away from the ocean, and transportation used to be inconvenient. The people there had to live off the mountain's bounties. So in the autumn when farming concluded, the winter hunters followed the lumberjacks and charcoal burners to live up in the mountain forests. Those people would pound and toast rice before bringing it up into the mountains, and eating it in chicken hotpot or with miso — that was how Kiritanponabe came to be, they say.

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大阪芸術大学/長谷川幸恵 Osaka University of Arts/Sachie Hasegawa