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Takayama Festival

Sannou Festival in Spring, Hachiman Festival in Fall

  • City

    Takayama City, Gifu

  • Period

    (Spring) 2018.4.14 [sat.]-15 [sun.]
    (Autumn) 2018.10.9 [tue.]-10 [wed.]

  • Location

    Takayama City
    (Spring) Hiei Shrine Area
    (Fall) Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine

  • Introduction

    Takayama Festival is used to describe both the Sannou Festival that announces the first day of spring, and the Hachiman Festival which is a special festival in autumn. The magnificent Matsuriyatai, which is also called the moving Youmei Gate and is another word for a parade float, is paraded through the city during these festivals.

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