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Hamamatsu Festival

Enthusiasm and Joy - 3 Days of Hamamatsu Culture

  • City

    Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka

  • Period

    2018.5.3 [thu.]-5 [sun.]

  • Location

    Nakajima Festival Kite Field, Hamamatsu City Center
    Hamamatsu City

  • Introduction

    There's a kite flying competition that takes place midday where newborn children are celebrated with Hatsudako ("first kite") flying high in the sky on the strong, cold winds of Enshuu. Then, later on there's the Goten Yatai Hikimawashi ("palace palanquin parade") where towns bring their best palanquins down Kajimachi street and light up the night with bright colors.

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