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Morioka sansa odori

Come - Watch - Enjoy - Join - The Sansa Dance

  • City

    Morioka City, Iwate

  • Period

    2018.8.1 [wed.]-4 [sat.]

  • Location

    Main Location: Chuo Street (Prefectural Office to 2-Chome), Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
    *In Case of Rain: Morioka Civic Cultural Hall (Malios)
    Secondary Locations: 1. Morioka Civic Cultural Hall (Malios)
    2. Waterfall Square, Morioka Station

  • Introduction

    An awe-inspiring parade of Sansa dancers from approximately 250 different organizations with over 20,000 dancers dressed in yukata, 2,300 playing flutes and over 13,000 keeping the rhythm with taiko drums, dances through the streets.

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