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Okayama Korakuen Garden Fantasy Garden

A Dream World of Interwoven Lights

  • City

    Okayama City, Okayama

  • Period

    (Spring) 2018.4.27 [fri.]-5.6 [sun.]
    (Summer) 2018.8.1 [wed.]-31 [fri.]
    (Autumn) 2018.11.16 [fri.]-25 [sun.]

  • Location

    Korakuen Garden in Okayama

  • Introduction

    The Garden of Dreams is a limited-time event held at Okayama Korakuen gardens in the Spring, Summer, and Fall where the gardens are brightly illuminated and open late into the evening. Combining one of Japan's 3 most famous gardens in Okayama Korakuen with the wondrous Okayama Castle creates a truly dreamy atmosphere.

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