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*Selected from design by Naoyuki Yanagihara.

Japan has many annual events throughout the year, while the most indispensable are the annual events foods in these activities. Most of the annual events are originated from legends or beliefs that have been circulated since ancient times, they have been cherished by Japanese aristocrats and samurai for a long time, and thus have been passed down to the present.And annual event foods have a deep relationship with the season, they usually use seasonal ingredients. In addition, most of the foods we see in the annual events are dishes and ingredients with auspicious signs, usually in a pun. Therefore, they are not only delicious, but also pay attention to the aesthetic feeling of appearance and sound. Putting a good wish in the food, this is the Japanese annual events food.

In 2013, wajiki was officially included in Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO, one of the most commonly endorsed reason is the richness of its local cuisine. During the Edo period in Japan, military governors set up separatist regimes (similar to the small countries), so each of them formed their own mature and unique culture; in addition, the Japanese archipelago stretches from north to south and surrounded by the sea, where produce various seafood and vegetables, so that many different kinds of local cuisine derive from them. Therefore, when people enjoy the delicious unique local cuisine, they can also enjoy the different local culture and life.