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Kamaishi tiger dance

The Wild Tiger Dance Inspired by Fishermen

  • City

    Kamaishi City, Iwate

  • Period

    Kamaishi Festival every mid October

  • Location

    Local regions (e.g. Ozaki Shrine or on Boats)

  • Introduction

    The dancers wear a tiger's head and outfit, then perform an intense dance as they bite bamboo and wave it around. They're known to come very close to the audience, all the while moving to the beat of drums, gongs, and flutes. "One Plank, Hell Below" -- being a fisherman is a dangerous job, so this dance is based on the proverb "A Tiger Travels a Great Distance, then Back Home the Same Day" meaning the dance acts as a prayer for returning home safely. There are 14 organizations that perform this

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Kamaishi tiger dance


Kamaishi tiger dance


Kamaishi tiger dance


Kamaishi tiger dance


Kamaishi tiger dance

大阪芸術大学/藤原綾香 Osaka University of Arts/Fujiwara Ayaka