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Gongenmai of Dainichido Bugaku

A Black-Faced Lion, Boasting 1300 Years of History

  • City

    Kazuno-city, Akita

  • Period

    Every January 2

  • Location

    Dainichireiki Shrine in Hachimantai Azukizawa, Kazuno City

  • Introduction

    The Dainichido Bugaku has been passed down by people known as "Noshu" from four different villages. It is held on the 2nd of January to bring peace, an abundant harvest and good health. The Gongenmai is a type of lion dance where the lion head is called the Gongen (avatar of) Buddha, and the dance is performed by eight Noshu from the four villages of Azukizawa. One wears a lion head called the "Ookashira" (large head) while a boy holds their tail, and the other six surround the lion, gallantly d

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Dainichido Bugaku


Dainichido Bugaku


Dainichido Bugaku


Dainichido Bugaku


Dainichido Bugaku

大阪芸術大学/桑水流由香 Osaka University of Arts/Kuwazuru Yuka