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Higashino Great Lion

A Large Lion -- 25 Meters Tall

  • City

    Iida City, Nagano

  • Period

    Once in 7 years (Tiger and Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac), Idaoneri Festival perform in late March

  • Location

    Omiya Suwa Shrine as well as Streets of Iida City

  • Introduction

    The lion's head weighs 30kg and its torso is 25 meters long. It only appears once every 7 years at the Iida Oneri festival. At the back of the lion's head there is a float with a canopy and wheels with drum and flute performers walking to the beat. At the front, Emperor Yu leads the lion around as it performs a dance involving raising and lowering the large lion.

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Higashino Great Lion


Higashino Great Lion


Higashino Great Lion


Higashino Great Lion


Higashino Great Lion

大阪芸術大学/藤原綾香 Osaka University of Arts/Fujiwara Ayaka