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Saegusa Lion Dance

A Hairy Lion Dances on Top of a Ladder

  • City

    Himeji City, Hyogo

  • Period

    Ten Shrine autumn Festival. October Sports Day and the day before.

  • Location

    Yumesakicho Maenosho Area

  • Introduction

    Kejishi is one of the types of lion dance often seen in the Harima region, performed with black and brown colored heads and covered with fur from head to tail. There are several dances that pray for a good harvest. Among them, the ladder lion dances on top of a 7 meter ladder to the sound of flutes and demonstrates a perilous climb up a mountain as it waves its head wildly at the top. It truly is a masterpiece that cannot be missed.

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Saegusa Lion Dance


Saegusa Lion Dance


Saegusa Lion Dance


Saegusa Lion Dance


Saegusa Lion Dance

大阪芸術大学/境佑莉 Osaka University of Arts/Sakai Yuri