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Kinomoto Lion Dance

A Lion Dance Full of Impact on Top of a Cart

  • City

    Kinomoto, Wakayama City, Wakayama

  • Period

    The 3rd Saturday and Sunday of October.

  • Location

    Kinomoto Hachiman Shrine Area

  • Introduction

    This lion dance is performed by two people on top of ladders to the rhythm of drums, flutes and small gongs. Separate dances are performed on the ground and on the wooden cart. On the ground, the "Ryunomai", "Tsurukamenomai", "Nennenkororinomai", "Inemuri" and "Matanezumi" are performed among others. On the cart, a lion dance is performed on top of two green bamboo poles 5 meters tall. Traditionally, it is a vibrant dance of a parent lion kicking its child down the bottom of a valley. The parent peers down the valley waiting for its child as it climbs up and once it sees its child's it feels relieved and goes to sleep. Once the parent wakes up, it bends backward three times and finishes by flipping upside down.

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Kinomoto Lion Dance


Kinomoto Lion Dance


Kinomoto Lion Dance


Kinomoto Lion Dance


Kinomoto Lion Dance

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