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Nakagawauchi Lion Dance

A Young Man Disguised as a Tegai Intertwined with a Lion

  • City

    Hane Town, Muroto City, Kochi

  • Period

    Mid October.

  • Location

    Hanesawainaka Shrine Grounds and Otabisho

  • Introduction

    A lion dance that involving a Tegai ("Tegau" in the Tosa dialect, meaning to look after) and a lion. The Tegai that looks after the lion dresses as a female by wearing a kimono covered in red flowers, a red sash, and covers for the hands and wrists. Also adorning an Uzura, a crown made of palm leaves, the Tegai holds a stick decorated with Zai, a type of paper that they use to interact with the lion. The Tegai is a young man so his movements with the lion are lively, and the lion dances wildly along with him. They are accompanied by the beat of drums and it is performed to pray for a good harvest.

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Nakagawauchi Lion Dance


Nakagawauchi Lion Dance


Nakagawauchi Lion Dance


Nakagawauchi Lion Dance


Nakagawauchi Lion Dance

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