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Sakito Lion Dance

The Twirling Lion and Fluttering Confetti

  • City

    Sakito Town, Nishi City, Nagasaki

  • Period

    Asama Shrine Fall Festival on Sunday in late October

  • Location

    Sakitocho (Purifies each house in the town.)

  • Introduction

    Sakitocho was known for whaling during the Edo period and as a island for coal mining from the Meiji to Showa periods. It is said the workers of the coal mine performed a lion dance originating from their hometown in the Shikoku region for those living in the vicinity of the coal mines. Many paper streamers made from origami are placed on the lion's head. The dance is accompanied with the sound of large and small drums, and the highlight is when the person at the back of the lion holds the front

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Sakito Lion Dance


Sakito Lion Dance


Sakito Lion Dance


Sakito Lion Dance


Sakito Lion Dance

九州産業大学/北川采奈 KYUSHU SANGYO UNIVERSITY/Kitagawa Ayana