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Ushiodake Lion Dance

The Blue-Faced Lion Dancing up to the Heavens

  • City

    Kitasato cho, Nichinan City, Miyazaki

  • Period

    Autumn Festival.(The 2nd Sunday of November)

  • Location

    Ushiodake Shrine (The country's only shrine that worships Hosuseri-no-mikoto (Umisachihiko))

  • Introduction

    A male and female lion come together to the rhythm of drums, flutes and clapping as they stand aggressively to either side. This sight has given this heroic and brave lion dance the name Fujimai ("wisteria dance") and Tachifuji ("rising wisteria"). One lion dance assists with holding the canopy. It wears white cloth, a white headband, a cloth with five colors on its back, a black waistband, a tattsukebakama (hakama pants for boys) and white feet covers. They have the role of leading the Goshinko festival for visiting holy spirits.

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Ushiodake Lion Dance


Ushiodake Lion Dance


Ushiodake Lion Dance


Ushiodake Lion Dance


Ushiodake Lion Dance

九州産業大学/北川采奈 KYUSHU SANGYO UNIVERSITY/Kitagawa Ayana